Informed decisions create greater certainty of outcomes

Design Atlantic solves the problems faced by Owners in the planning, design, construction, operation and management of their facilities.

We solve problems as early as possible in the design process to create cost effective real-world solutions using high-performance processes that save you money.

Informed decisions create greater certainty of outcomes

Better Manage Assets

Design Atlantic specializes in helping clients to achieve the best possible results; dependably and economically. We stress project controls designed to let you make decisions with better information, early in the process.

We use today’s latest technology as an integral part of the overall strategic planning process, to enable you to create and use systems that maintain live, near real-time information about your assets and developments. This ability to create live systems which inform day-to-day decision making is rapidly becoming the standard for resilient and sustainable facilities.

Manage Time and Costs

Design Atlantic helps to steer highly complex capital asset programs through scope and program changes and approvals from multiple funding sources, quickly translating client needs into buildable solutions.

The typical project is complex, has critical time, cost and functional imperatives, and often involves facilities that must remain operational throughout comprehensive renovations.

Design Atlantic has been commended for its ability to bring a client team to actionable decisions in record time, without compromising the quality of personal relationships or the intricacy of subtle design details.

Certainty of Outcomes

Design Atlantic’s process is designed to focus on the best possible solution to respond to your individual project’s needs. The process identifies the strategies for successfully designing, constructing and managing your facility, project or process. You get detailed information to support the decisions that must be made to move ahead.

The goals are, a good, objective definition of quality; to define success at the beginning; to set appropriate expectations; and to develop solid project controls. Design Atlantic gives you the data to be sure that you are moving in the right direction and lets you prove it to others.

It is critical that your project be envisioned properly. With the correct strategy and vision for the project, the phases that follow become easier to manage and more successful.

“Finith’s writing and speaking have positively influenced the entire construction industry. His first book hit a home run for all practitioners of BIM. It is relevant to both the neophyte just making the BIM decision as well as the mature BIM organization looking for what is next.”

Dana K. (Deke) Smith, FAIA

“Design Atlantic’s work is truly amazing. With the need to conduct business in a quick and efficient manner, their system provides the opportunity to comprehensively view and update data that would typically have been stored in numerous locations and media formats, an effort that consumes far to many man-hours.”

Hal Adkins, Public Works Director

“Design Atlantic’s process allowed us to control critical components yet retained the flexibility of design/build. The details provided by the building model gave us the resources to manage a complex financing package and to convince the city council to proceed with securing additional funding to meet the project’s requirements. Being able to look at detailed information very quickly, early in the process has allowed us to manage our costs. Everyone clearly understood the project. In addition, we managed roadblocks so early that they never seemed to become a problem.”

William E. Gordy, Deputy Fire Chief

About Design Atlantic Ltd

Founded in 1996, Design Atlantic Ltd meets clients’ needs through a clear definition of expectations for each step to ensure that the entire team works as effectively and efficiently as possible.We are committed to responding to our client’s needs, emphasizing personal service, clear communications, coordinated processes, and a team approach to problem solving. We listen and do what it takes to make our clients successful.

BIG BIM little bim

BIM is building information modeling—the design and construction equivalent of the way that manufacturers build digitally before building for real in the factory, and much more. It’s about visualizing the environment like in a Steven Spielberg movie; using data like a multinational bank, and; connecting information in a collaborative environment like Google. BIG-BIM is a force multiplier across the life cycle of everything that touches the built environment.


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